[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Swedish characters with bt-keyborad?

From: Magnus Larsson magnus at vista.se
Date: Sun Dec 3 19:10:15 EET 2006

I have a brand new Nokia SU-8W bluetooth keyboard, that connects nicely 
to the Nokia (well, not automatically, but we take that later). But: the 
swedish characters å, ä and ö that are on the keyboard does not work - 
there are no characters printed at all on the 770 when pressing these 
keys (I try mainly with the notes application).

Anyone having ideas on how to solve this? Anyone else having run across 
and maybe solved similar problems (German, Finnish or other languages)? 
I've seen mentions of xmodmap-files on internettablettalk forum, but 
have no experience at all of working with these. Any advice or ideas are 
warmly welcome.


Magnus Larsson

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