[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 770 on the way

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Mon Dec 4 12:59:27 EET 2006
Jonathan Matthews-Levine wrote:
> That was sort of my *point* :-)
> I was attempting (badly!) to make the point that the usual product
> pattern for Nokia/SE/whoever - where they release some new,
> interesting device and then release incremental/facelift upgrades
> that'll support themselves through the artificially buoyed up market
> of telco contracts - may not be very well suited to the full-price,
> no-contract-available 770 upgrade.

Are you from US? Because most people around me (and I guess generally in 
Europe) buy their phones themselves and not from mobile operator. 
Operators offer phones too, yes, but they are generally overpriced, 
outdated and the choice is limited. Maybe companies use this but for 
average person it does not make sense. Phones and cellular operators are 
different things. Or do you buy TV from your cable/TV operator? Also 
majority of people here (70%) use prepaid cards without contract and 
even have more such cards from different operators and swap them in one 
phone. Maybe mobile market is more competitive in Europe (or in my 
country)? I remember phones bought from operators were blocked in 
firmware to prevent using with other cellular networks but this is 
history too (maybe noone bought such phones?).

So to sum it up I don't think such artifical market exist here or is too 
important and manufacturers can produce crappy phones because of this.


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