[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 770 on the way

From: Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Date: Mon Dec 4 13:20:40 EET 2006
On Mon Dec  4 10:59:27 2006, Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Are you from US? Because most people around me (and I guess 
> generally in Europe) buy their phones themselves and not from 
> mobile operator. Operators offer phones too, yes, but they are 
> generally overpriced, outdated and the choice is limited.

Not in the UK, at least. In the UK, the majority of phones - 
especially higher end ones - are bought with a pay-monthly contract. 
This either lowers the price or renders the phone "free", but in 
return, also "locks" the phone to a specific operator. I'm pretty 
sure this is a common pattern thoughout much of Europe - our 
operators include T-Mobile (so I assume the same applies in Germany), 
and Orange, which is French owned.

Even prepay phones are heavily subsidized by the operators, although 
by no means as much, and the phone selection is much more limited 

This leads me to suspect that actually the operators could provide 
subsidized 770s, since a 770 owner is more likely to use increased 
mobile data, which in turn the operators can recoup the costs from. 
But they don't, perhaps because it's a whole new area to them that 
they'd much rather stay out of, perhaps because they perceive it as 
too much of a niche market, and perhaps because unlike the phones, 
which they can essentially customize to their services, they'd never 
have the same degree of control over the 770.

Whatever the reasons, though, this does eliminate a large selling 
tool that Nokia's phones have, which was Jonathan's point.

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