[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 770 on the way

From: Eloi Crespillo Itchart eloi at ikuszen.com
Date: Mon Dec 4 13:48:45 EET 2006
> Just jumping in on this: here in Austria I guess 80-90% of phones are
> sold by mobile operators including a contract (binding customers usually
> for 24 months). The phones are usually SIM/Network-locked and also
> branded by the operator, but usually way cheaper than when buying them
> without contract (most low end phones are given away with the contract
> for free), which is probably the reason why they do get sold that way at
> all.

In Spain this is also true. People usually buy their phones branded/locked by 

The non-locked unbranded phones are denominated "free", and in the last year 
or so their are also sold in big commercial stores, so I guess their sales 
are growing a lot... but most of the people I know have a branded phone.

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