[maemo-users] [maemo-users] File system

From: John Leko jmleko at comcast.net
Date: Wed Dec 6 16:13:47 EET 2006

Perhaps this is documented somewhere and I just missed it, but I am  
looking for a map of the file system. Specifically, I am using an  
osso-xterm on the 770 to browse the file system which now starts out  
at /home/users. To access the RS-MMC card, I go to /media/mmc1,  
however, the 770 has a set of directories directly stored on the  
device (e.g., Audio, Documents, Images, etc.). Is it possible to  
access those directories via the command-line, and if so through what  
path? I have spent a good deal of time navigating the system and this  
is not obvious to me.



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