[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Flipping the screen

From: Ted Zlatanov tzz at bu.edu
Date: Fri Dec 8 22:04:20 EET 2006
On  8 Dec 2006, dufkaf at seznam.cz wrote:

Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com wrote: >
>> Not only "lack of pushing". Someone looked into it and concluded
>> that rotated screen is significantly less practical than left-hand
>> using the current solution. 
> You mean someone left-handed concluded such a thing?
> I am left handed myself and would kill someone for saying this :-)

I wouldn't go as far, but I agree that a left-handed person (myself
included) has more trouble using the 770 currently.  I usually contort
my thumb to push buttons, holding the stylus in an awkward "temporary
hold" under my pinky finger, and thus have to avoid the buttons if

> I can understand that this may have low priority since left-handed
> people are minority. But I really can't accept this 'we know better
> than you what you want' attitude.
> Also when talking about this - from screenshots of new device it looks
> like new model is even worse in this regard. The best for all
> (including left handed people) would be to have exactly the same set
> of buttons on both sides. One could choose primary side in control
> panel and have some less important actions mapped to the other one
> (like those currently mapped to press and hold action - page down in
> browser or pdf viewer mapped directly to button would be handy). Would
> be also great for gaming.

I would rather see improvements like Canola, which make this
irrelevant because all the buttons are big and equally accessible with
each hand.  The Canola arrows on the right, for instance, are big
enough that I can easily push them with my right thumb and forefinger.
I have much more trouble with the right hand if I have to hold a pen
or a stylus, for instance.

A scroll wheel on the side would be a good integrated solution for
scrolling, which currently takes up 50% of my stylus use.  I use the
RSS reader and the web browser most of the time.


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