[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Problem with the Wiki?

From: Wolfgang Karall spiney at spiney.org
Date: Sat Dec 9 21:02:09 EET 2006

I just tried to edit the Application Catalog 2006 in the Wiki (updating
the version of the Winzig PIM port and fixing the Grisbi entry that
someone accidentally ruined in one of the previous edits), but neither
the preview nor submitting for real works. 

I tried with Opera and Firefox on two different computers, I waited in
between tries and get told that my own lock expired and I'm now granted
a new lock, but still no go.

Did something change in respect to editing the Wiki in the last couple
of weeks that I have missed? Last edit of the Application Catalog page
is only about an hour old, btw.

Kind regards
Winzig, Unison and otpCalc for the Nokia 770

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