[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Getting useful WLAN debugging info for failing EAP-TLS connection

From: Rhys Ulerich rhys.ulerich at gmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 21 19:11:35 EET 2006
Hi all,

Didn't find anything related on the web or the maemo wiki.  No searchable
interface for this list, so hopefully this isn't a repeat of an earlier

I'm trying to connect a 770 (OS v2.2006.39-14) to an EAP-TLS WLAN.  After
importing the certificate and selecting the appropriate stuff, I get a
"Network Connection Error" dialog and no other useful information.  Playing
with EAP-TLS advanced settings (like explicit username, WPA2, etc) gets me
nowhere.  Using 'dbus-monitor --system' (per
http://stefans.datenbruch.de/nokia770/) shows only the interesting string '
com.nokia.icd.error.network_error'.  'dmesg' isn't useful other than showing
the interface going up and then down again.

How the heck do I get useful network configuration debugging information
from this puppy?

I suspect the problem is that the WLAN uses TKIP (based on my laptop's
working configuration using the same certificate) and the 770 can't.  I'm
looking to confirm this in a logfile somewhere.

Any help appreciated,
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