[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: MMC Filesystem becomes read-only after a while

From: Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Date: Sat Dec 30 11:49:06 EET 2006
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Kahlil Johnson wrote:
> How can I reformat it, I think I have done it before with fdisk but can
> u do me some steps to do this, I want to make a guide at the mameo wiki
> to document this issue/workaround.
> Thanks your help is appreciated.

fdisk is used to repartition a block device, probably you don't need it. On
Linux, one uses the mkfs command to reformat a partition, choosing the vfat
type, in this case.

I don't know whether the mkfs command is available on the 770, I
reformatted the card's first (and only) partition on my main computer.

If you don't have Linux, you can reformat it on Windows and other systems
too, it's a standard FAT32 partition.

> On 12/30/06, *Nicola Larosa* <nico at teknico.net
> <mailto:nico at teknico.net>> wrote:
>     Kahlil Johnson wrote:
>     > I have a problem where the MMC becomes a read-only filesystem after a
>     > period of time this means that I can't write to the device.
>     The Linux kernel remounts filesystems as read-only when there are
>     errors
>     using them. I had this happen recently, when the partition on the
>     card got
>     corrupted for some reason. Try reformatting it.

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