[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Nokia 770 after flash only luminous screen,Help.

From: haiyin Qiu qiuhaiyin at gmail.com
Date: Fri Dec 15 18:07:35 EET 2006
I just update my maemo from my linux PC, following the suggestion from
maemo.org. After the PC show "Suitable USB device not found, waiting" , my
770 shows a nokia picture, but it still keep showing the same picutre after
1.5 hours. I think the reflash produce should be finished in 1.5 hours. And
there is no message show in my PC.

So... I break the PC process with ctrl+c and shut down the 770 with on/off.
when I open 770 again, it is only luminous screen, nothing show on. Then I
can't shut down again.

So.... I can only take out the battery. when I input it again, and open 770
with on/off+ home buttons.only luminous screen again. When I only press
on/off button, 770 will be luminous for a while and shut down automatically.

When I later, try to reflash again. but there on nokia picture show on my

What is wrong with my 770. Does it crash, what can I do?

Thanks for your reading and help

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