[maemo-users] [maemo-users] [maemo-announce] Updated Nokia 770 software image available

From: Jim Thompson jim at netgate.com
Date: Wed Feb 1 02:19:00 EET 2006
So a friend of mine who reviewed a preproduction 770 for a major  
linux magazine gave me his demo unit.  (We trade things back and  
forth a lot, iPods, etc.)  I maintain his web presence.

I think its pretty cool.  I'd like to port Xastir to it and help  
whomever is trying to get gpsd (anyone) to talk to a BT GPS.

I went to upgrade the software load on the 770, but the download  
pages at both nokia and maemo want me to enter the "serial #" (MAC  
address of the WiFi part).


The number I find on the box, is            "0002EEFEE2E2"
The number I find under the battery is "0002EEFEE20A"

Neither is "allowed".

The Nokia site says: "Error: Code not valid. Please re-enter the 12- 
digit code."
The Maemo site says, "Product ID not valid. Please re-enter the 12- 
digit code."

Now, I'm 43 years old, but I did get out my glasses and a magnifying  
glass to verify the MAC addresses (on the label under the battery),
and yes, I am using the MAC address for the WLAN, not BT interface.

Any clues?  Did Nokia 'burn' the folks with pre-production units?


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