[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Disable blanking Gpsdrive patch

From: Greg Morgan drkludge at cox.net
Date: Sun Feb 5 08:20:25 EET 2006
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Peter Westerström wrote:
> I've made a small patch for maemo-gpsdrive-0.0.2 to disable the screen
> blanking.
> So now I can drive long runs (that is more than five minutes :-) without
> the need to touch the screen. Not doing so led to loss of gps signal..
> For files see:
> http://westerstrom.com/projects/maemo-gpsdrive

Please post a buzilla report.  I understand that Nokia may not have
designed the devices for some of the uses that people are experimenting
with.  This does solve a problem with the device that the designers did
not foreseen.  If applications like, your unpatched gpsdrive, or an
xterm session that is used with a keyboard, then touching the screen
every so many minutes becomes impractical.  It seems like the patch
really belongs in the control panel display applet that governs the both
the "Brightness period" and :"Switch off display" time.  A larger pick
list is required.  The applet still needs the small values allowed like
30 seconds, 1, 2, and 5. The list needs to be extended to add all units
below 10, then maybe five minute increments to the first hour.  The
second hour could use 15 minute increments. Perhaps by this point in the
pick list hour increments are displayed along with a final unlimited
selection. I haven't found out if these values are already extendable in
an /etc file somewhere or if it takes a code change.  Both of the
configurable brightness and switch off values should be extended this way.

I think your patch shows a great idea but patching every piece of code
that is using a keyboard or app like gpsdrive is the wrong place to
patch the device.  If these values are configurable in an /etc file,
then Nokia can still have a mass market "soccer mom" device and a
portable "tech market oriented" device.


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