[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Problem running Gnumeric 1.6.2

From: Laurent MARTIN laurent at gide.net
Date: Tue Feb 7 14:50:13 EET 2006
>   Please try to run it in xterm using the following command:
>   /var/lib/install/usr/bin/gnumeric
>   Probably there will be some warning/error messages. Please send them.
>   Best, Eduardo.

As explained to Eduardo in a private message, Gnumeric is now running 
well. At the 1st try, I had downloaded the app in a newly created 
Documents/Download folder and tried to install it from there. At the 
2nd, or 3rd... or maybe 4th ;-) try, Gnumeric was runing well: I've 
moved the package directly in Documents. This looks strange and may be 
nothing to see with the fact that Gnumeric wasn't running at first 
tries, but I've already noticed that on my N770 somme apps weren't able 
to run properly unless I install them from the built-in Documents 
folder: am I the one and only who has encountered this?

Laurent, Nantes - France
Apple PowerBook 12"
Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)
Nokia 770

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