[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bluetooth stops working

From: Peter Westerström peterw at home.se
Date: Sat Feb 11 02:02:40 EET 2006
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Ville Tervo wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 04:32:04AM +0100, ext Peter Westerström wrote:
>> I've been using gpsdrive with a bluetooth gps a couple of weeks now. I
>> am experiencing the bluetooth connection to stop working after all
>> between a few minutes to half an hour.
>> After that happens no bluetooth commands works, rfcomm, hcitool scan
>> reports nothing.
> What gps module you are using? And link to gpsdrive package would be
> useful. 

Gpsdrive from:
Then my blanking disable patched binary:
I get the same bluetooth loss without blanking patch even when keeping
it active by touching the screen often.

My GPS receiver is made by socketcom. I have never had any problem with
it when connecting it to laptop or IPAQ. So we can rule that out.

>> The same happens when I'm using my bluetooth keyboard. After a while I
>> can no longer connect it.
> What is the keyboard you are using?

The problem does not happen that often with keyboard, Perhaps because of
less data activity?

The keyboard is a ThinkOutside HID compatible bluetooth keyboard.
I'm using keyboard-plugin 0.2.2-2:

>> I'm using 3.2005.51-13.
>> Have anyone else experienced similar problems?
>> Maybe I should gain root access and try to restart bluetooth (hcitool
>> hci0 down/up)?
> That resets bluetooth chip so it should help. Also putting setting
> offline mode and back to online mode makes the same trick.

Ok, I will try those tricks.

Peter Westerström

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