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From: Messing, Elad elad.messing at eml-d.villa-bosch.de
Date: Mon Feb 20 11:05:53 EET 2006
Look what came from Mike's blog:
Nokia also said that the tablet will be strong on VoIP, which will be
provided by Google (probably Google Talk or a variant thereof).
Is this confirmed anywhere ?


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	Hi All, 
	        I am not sure if this is really news, but in case you
haven't heard : 

	        I just came back from 3GSM in Barcelona, where - at the
Nokia stand - I met a cute N770 product manager girl who's name I
forgot, and she told me that very _soon_ a new software version with
VoIP client will be released. 

	        She told me this after I asked about the small hole next
to the power plug, and she confirmed this is indeed a mic...

	        I wanted to get some more info - but she was than
"kidnapped" by some people who ordered an organized tour at the stand -
and were probably more important than I was ;)

	        So - VoIP is closer than (at least I) thought... 


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