[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Linksys WRTG54GL + Nokia 770 connection lost

From: Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at cc.hut.fi
Date: Mon Feb 20 12:51:28 EET 2006
On Sun, 2006-02-19, Primorec wrote:
> Upgrading the 770 firmware did NOT make any difference in regard to my
> basic problem. Connection is lost after 2-3 minutes of browsing.
> BUT if I listen to Internet radio,  the WiFi connection between 770
> and WRTG54GL is rock solid.
> Any other hint is very welcome

Constantly pinging from the device works too (yes, I know this wasn't
the kind of hint you were hoping for). There is a bug for this in the
maemo bugzilla: 
Add yourself to the CC list to keep yourself informed.

It seems this is _not_ related to the brand or model of the router (at
least not only): My 770 constantly drops connections at my home network
while my friend had no such problems with his device on the same

Also, Patrik Flykt (@Nokia) said "Yesterday we finally received two
units that drop wlan connections. We are investigating the issue." (This
was three-four weeks ago)

Jussi Kukkonen

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