[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: UI speed

From: Vladislav Grinchenko 3rdshift at comcast.net
Date: Tue Feb 21 05:10:30 EET 2006
I suspece it is the loading of shared libraries that takes some time. I
have noticed that the first time an application is launched, it takes
some noticeable delay. If I exit it and re-launch again, then second
time around it comes up a bit faster.

The difference becomes apparent with an appliction that in addition to
standard Gtk+ takes more then twice shared libraries to load (C++
wrappers and helper libs).

One way to get a definitive answer would be to build the same GUI
application shared and static and measure the startup time for each.


On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 06:57, Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> > * Slow application menu performance - you can watch how it comes up
> > and dissapears and how the background of apps is painted new when it
> > dissapears.
> > If you just move the pen up and down on the open menu you see the
> > selection lagging 1-2 entries behind the pen.
> I wonder if all this is because of theming in general or specific 
> (default) theme used? The menu has nice border made of few lines maybe 
> theming code draws them one by one? Maybe some simple theme without all 
> the fancy eye candy can be substantively faster? Or maybe not, who knows.
> I too find the UI responsiveness a bit slow. And application startup is 
> a bit slow too. Even older iPAQ 3870 with OPIE was faster (and it was 
> slow too comparing to Palm). 2 seconds for Calculator to start on N770 
> is not exactly fast.
> Is it GTK or dynamic linker or dbus or launcher?
> Frantisek

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