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From: John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Date: Tue Feb 21 13:59:01 EET 2006

I would be interested to learn why Nokia chose the TI OMAP1710 
processor. I assume it was because of its integral DSP support as well 
as support for multiple comms interfaces

UTC has a  new mobile phone/PDA manufactured by UTS marketed in the US 
as the 6700 by both Sprint and Verizon and running WM 5.0 PPC version. 
It has a much smaller screen size than the N770 but it is still very 
useable as a PDA.  It seems quite fast and the graphics are excellent 
including video. In terms of comms interfaces it has three radios and it 
supports  CDMA voice, EVDO broadband and 1xRTT data, 802.11b, bluetooth, 
infrared, and USB. I have been surprised by how responsive this device 
appears to be, especially since it  has the more feature rich PPC 
version of Windows Mobile and not the stripped down mobile phone 
version.  I do not know if it has an onboard DSP chip. Here are the specs: 


    Operating System         Windows Mobile 5.0

    Processor Type             Intel PXA 270 Processor

    Processor Speed         416 MHz

    Memory                         64MB SDRAM, 128MB ROM

    Display Type                 2.8" Color TFT Touch Screen

    Display Resolution      240 x 320

    Dimensions                  4.25" x 2.3" x 1"

    Weight                          6.07 oz.

    Battery     , Type:          Removable 1350 mAh Lithium-lon 

    Built-in Expansions     1.3 Megapixel
    cameraCamcorderBluetoothWi-FiMini SD Expansion Slot

    Add-on Expansions     N/A

    Synchronization            Included: Mini USB Port

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John Holmblad


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klaus at rotters.de wrote:
> Am 20 Feb 2006 um 11:08 hat Clemens Eisserer geschrieben:
>> Yes I ment UI responsivness, not raw graphic performance.
>> The whole UI simply feels a bit sluggish compared to Palms or
>> Pocket-PCs, I know they have faster CPUs but i also think their
>> software simply is more efficient.
> I don't think that there will be a huge speed improvement. Why?
> 1) The N770 has just a 16-bit data bus but it has to draw the whole GUI to a 800x480 16 bit 
> pixel memory buffer. This is much more than the 320x320 pixels on a palm!
> 2) As far as I understand the OMAP doc, the LCD redraw had also be done using the 16-bit 
> memory data path. If its done at 60 Hz (I don't know), there is a constant memory dma at 
> 800x480x60 = 21,97 MWords/sec blocking the bus. In fact the OMAP has a shared memory 
> design!
> 3) The bus is shared with the ARM cpu core and the DSP cpu core. Of course, there are 
> caches, but you can't cache everything.
> 3) As often said, gtk+2 is very good, but not the fastest. I compiled some demos with fltk, and 
> I *feel* that they run faster. But it too late to change the main gui lib and fltk has other 
> disadvantages.
> 4) The memory design: The N770 is more or less just a Linux device and uses a lot of 
> libraries. Most of the libs are designed for a linux desktop machine, where memory is 
> (because of swap) not a problem. This is maybe the biggest problem for Linux based PDAs!
> One has to fine tune all those libs to perform better on small devices, which would be a big 
> task and maybe also force a development split, so the folks at Nokia must maintain those 
> libs. There is no manpower for that.
> It would be interessting, how a 128 MB RAM N770 would perform. I think 128 MB-DDR-RAM 
> is the limit for the build in OMAP processor.
> Don't get me wrong: I like the N770 (especially the bright display!), and I even don't think that 
> it is too slow. I compare it with my Sharp Zaurus and most times the N770 wins. The 800 
> pixel display is a huge plus working with gnumeric.
> Please correct my if there are some facts wrong, I *really* would like to hear that! I got most 
> of this reading the OMAP5912 Design Overview, which should be similar to the OMAP1710 
> used in the N770 device.
> CU, -Klaus
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