[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 802.11g Connection

From: Etienne Richards etienne at solve400problems.com
Date: Thu Feb 23 18:55:48 EET 2006
Setting a static IP seems to work until I try and use it. I starting using
the connection and found that the connection feels very slow. When I ran
ping I found that I have more than 80% packet loss (this happened every

Again, this is only when the AP is set to g or b/g. This does not happen if
the AP is set to b only. I have been able to confirm this with another AP, b
only works and g or b/g fails on DHCP with packet loss when using a static

I called Nokia but they feel it is an AP setup problem (without asking any
questions). How can I prove to them that it is the 770 and not the AP's I
have tested with?


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"ext Patrik Flykt" <Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com> writes:

>> * When I look at the IP assigned I see that it did not connect
>> ( default router
> It seems that your 770 did not succeed in contacting your DHCP server,
> therefore it auto-assigns a link-local IPv4 address for you. The 770
> will try to reconnect within a minute to the DHCP server.

Actually the DHCP client will try to connect every minute until it
get's an answer from DHCP server, not just once.

> If it fails again to get an address, please check that DHCP is
> enabled in the WLAN or configure the IP address manually.
> Interesting if this occurs in b/g or g only, though...

Most probably there is something wrong with the WLAN connection. Try
assigning manual IPs and ping something from local network. If it
fails, the WLAN connection doesn't work. If manual IPs work, there is
a problem with DHCP. I suspect it's the former.

Kalle Valo

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