[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bluetooth pairing with SonyEriccson P910

From: Bob Lees bob at diamond.demon.co.uk
Date: Mon Feb 27 00:22:16 EET 2006

I have the same problem.  Pairs with a nokia 6600 ok but not with a 910a.  In 
looking around the web it may be a problem with the 910a's way of working.  
According to a thread (I can't remember were I found this) the way Sony 
Ericson have implemented the bluetooth pairing, the 910 series will always 
insist on going into Master mode irrespective of whether this is appropriate.  
This would explain the reason for it not completing the pairing with the 

I haven't found a solution to this:(


On Saturday 25 February 2006 21:42, Paolo Casarini wrote:
> Hi,
>   does anybody succeed in making the N770 complete the pairing
> process via bluetooth with a SonyEriccson P910. I'd to use my P910 to
> make Internet GPRS connection I the pairing process always fails!
> Thanx,
>   Paolo.

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