[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Kiosk mode available?

From: Everaldo Canuto everaldo at inbox.com
Date: Tue Feb 28 03:19:00 EET 2006

I think that best way is you make a new "flash image" with only
applications that you need. Maybe with only a browser.

Theres not a kiosk mode but when you press full screen button the
browser looks like a "kiosk mode". 

For sure that you will need some hack to make what you want.


Em Seg, 2006-02-27 às 14:30 +0100, Christian Kirsch escreveu:
> Hi,
> just received my device and I am currently thinking if it is possible to use
> it as an leased internet appliance for some customers. Therefore I would
> like to restrict the access to some features for example the settings. Best
> case would be that only the browser is accessible and nothing else.
> As far as I know in KDE this is called kiosk mode. Is there such a feature
> available for the maemo environment. If not what would you suggest is the
> best way to implement such a feature?
> Looking forward to your feedback.
> Christian Kirsch
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