[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Can't connect to Orange GPRS network

From: François Beretti francois.beretti at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 4 02:19:59 EET 2006

I am fighting to connect my 770 to internet with GPRS using my Sony Ericsson
K600i bluetooth phone. Every time I try to connect, the bluetooth
initialization seems to work, the phone notices me that the 770 is trying to
connect to the internet, then I got a "connection failed" error.

I use the French (and European I think) operator "Orange"

I have found the mobile operator wizard, created a connection choosing the
"Orange entreprises" operator. That is strange, since I am not a company.

I have paired my phone without any problem, I can browse the phone files
through the 770 file manager.

The internet connection works like a charm from my laptop (with IRDA) under
windows XP. I just chose "*99#" as the phone number and "orange/orange" as
the user name and password. I wasn't asked for any APN.

The connection created by the wizard on the 770 use "orange-mib" as the APN,
"*99***1#" as the phone number, orange/orange as user/passwd.

I tried to change the APN name. The values "orange" "orange.fr"
"orangeinternet" did not work. I tried to use "*99#" as the phone number
instead of "*99***1#" with each of those values. No success.

I am banging my head against my keyboard (I do it very well as you can read)

Please help !!

Thank you,


PS: I also posted this on internet tablet talk forum, sorry for the noise
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