[maemo-users] [maemo-users] news reader and wpa2 queries

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Wed Jan 4 23:28:55 EET 2006
Does anyone know of an easy way to export all my RSS feed settings 
before I flash to the latest firmware?

Also, has anyone here successfully used WPA2-PEAP? I set up the RADIUS 
and certificate infrastructure at my office so I'm quite familiar with 
the details. For OS X clients, we have to manually install our root CA 
in order for authentication to succeed. When I first try to connect from 
my 770, here's the dialogue:

Select EAP type
Network: [my ssid]
EAP type: PEAP [or SIM or TLS]

After I select PEAP and click OK I get:

Connection setup:...
Network: [my ssid]
Select certificate: None (the widget doesn't list any options here)
EAP method: MSCHAPv2 [or GTC, Generic Token Card -- see 

We're using Active Directory and MSCHAPv2. Then at the username and 
password prompt I've tried entering both my username plus 
username at example.com but neither work. What shows up in my IAS 
(Microsoft RADIUS) logs, is an attempted login by [20 character hash 
instead of user at example.com]. Any suggestions?

Much thanks,

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