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From: John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Date: Thu Jan 5 00:09:14 EET 2006

I don't have a 770 yet otherwise I would have already tested the exact 
scenario you describe, that is, the 770 to an AD integrated IAS radius 
server. Two years ago I did extensive analysis and testing of various 
permutations of hw and software (mostly Microsoft) with and without WPA 
using IAS for Radius service and I documented that work in a paper 
available at the following url:
I recall spending a fair amount of time in the system, security, and 
application event logs, and the IAS logs at the same time in order to 
get IAS and PEAP-MSCHAP V2 working with my test access point which is a 
Proxim AP-1000.  If you would like to correspond off list and provide 
some more detailed  log info I can  look into it and, in the process, 
refresh my memory of the details of how it works.

 I would be surprised if Nokia would even release a product that by 
design AND testing would not work seamlessly with Microsoft AD 
integrated IAS and 802.11 wireless support so maybe someone else on this 
list has a solution to your problem.

Best Regards,

John Holmblad

Televerage International

(H) 703 620 0672
(M) 703 407 2278
(F) 703 620 5388

primary email address:     jholmblad at aol.com
backup email address:      jholmblad at verizon.net

Gary wrote:

> Does anyone know of an easy way to export all my RSS feed settings 
> before I flash to the latest firmware?
> Also, has anyone here successfully used WPA2-PEAP? I set up the RADIUS 
> and certificate infrastructure at my office so I'm quite familiar with 
> the details. For OS X clients, we have to manually install our root CA 
> in order for authentication to succeed. When I first try to connect 
> from my 770, here's the dialogue:
> Select EAP type
> Network: [my ssid]
> EAP type: PEAP [or SIM or TLS]
> After I select PEAP and click OK I get:
> Connection setup:...
> Network: [my ssid]
> Select certificate: None (the widget doesn't list any options here)
> EAP method: MSCHAPv2 [or GTC, Generic Token Card -- see 
> http://snipurl.com/ladd]
> We're using Active Directory and MSCHAPv2. Then at the username and 
> password prompt I've tried entering both my username plus 
> username at example.com but neither work. What shows up in my IAS 
> (Microsoft RADIUS) logs, is an attempted login by [20 character hash 
> instead of user at example.com]. Any suggestions?
> Much thanks,
> Gary
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