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From: Diego Fdez. Durán diego at goedi.net
Date: Thu Jan 5 03:35:53 EET 2006
El mié, 04-01-2006 a las 16:48 -0800, Gary escribió:
> René Seindal wrote:
> > I believe the backup utility will do that for you.  I did a complete 
> > backup-flash-restore this time and it saved most of my settings, but 
> > curiously left out my cookies.
> >
> > Backup/restore saved my rss feeds.
> Is that a separate utility? 

Control Panel -> Backup/Restore

> One thing I've done so far is to make a 
> tar/gzip file of /home/users. It'd be nice if there's a GUI tool for 
> that, however, since I'm sure Nokia's not expecting every end user to be 
> a Unix user. Does Nokia PC Sync work with the 770 or is it just for 
> phones? Oh, here's the answer (http://snipurl.com/l9y6) -- I didn't 
> realize that the file manager has backup/restore options. Thank you!
> If I get my WPA2-PEAP issue sorted out, I'll be sure to post my results. 
> In the meantime, I do have WPA2-PSK (Pre-Shared Key aka WPA Personal) 
> working just fine at home. There's an advanced setting option in the 
> connection manager that lets you select WPA2 only mode that made it 
> work. Thanks for everyone's prompt and helpful responses. I look forward 
> to being part of the community.
> -Gary
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