[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: streaming video?

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Mon Jan 9 21:41:33 EET 2006
Reiner Klenk wrote:

>Thanks for the information. I wonder, is there any possibility to use
>video formats other than real-video for streaming?

3GPPP, H.263, and AVI files encoded with MPEG4 can play back on the 770 
as well as MPEG-1. I wouldn't recommend wasting time encoding MPEG-1 
files, however, since they're big and lossy by comparison. This page has 
a comprehensive list of supported file types: 
I tried to find the same info on Nokia's site but could only find a 
short list from their FAQ. One of my few complaints about the 770 is 
that it requires a lot of cut & pasting of URLs to get streaming A/V to 
work when it should just launch seamlessly when a link is opened in the 
browser. I've considered backing up and mucking about with the opera.ini 
a bit to see if I can improve it any.


Q: How do I use the video/audio player on my Nokia Internet Tablet?

A: You can watch video clips stored on your device, compatible mobile 
phone, or MultiMediaCard (*MMC*). You can also watch streaming videos 
from the Internet. Tap the *Applications* button, and select "*Video 

The video player supports the following file formats:

    * .3gp
    * .avi
    * .h.263
    * .mpeg1
    * .mpeg4
    * .rv (RealVideo)

The video player does not necessarily support all the variations of a 
file format.

The audio player supports the following file formats:

    * .aac
    * .amr
    * .mp2
    * .mp3
    * .wav
    * .ra (RealAudio)

The player does not necessarily support all the variations of a file format.

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