[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Creating .avi files for the video player with VirtualDub

From: Philippe Duperron philippe at duperron.net
Date: Fri Jan 13 17:39:37 EET 2006
On 1/10/06, klaus at rotters.de <klaus at rotters.de> wrote:
> I tried a couple of times to create avi-video files for the video
> player with VirtualDub or PoketDivXEncoder under Windows.

One thing that I noticed but I am not absolutly sure what it means is
that you have to force the "fourcc" field in the avi file to "DIVX".

That is what the " -ffourcc DIVX" does in the mencoder command line.

BTW the 770 can decode video at much more than 250 kbps : my standard
settings are now 500 kbps VBR for the video limited to a maximum of
650 kbps to limit frame dropping, and 96 kbps for the audio.


Philippe Duperron <philippe at duperron.net>

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