[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 2005.45 firmware image location (was RE: Display went dead after disabling rd mode)

From: booiiing booiiing at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 15 17:30:31 EET 2006
2006/1/15, Ed Okerson <ed at okerson.com>:
> Why jump to such rash conclusions?  Just because 2 people have had units
> with a bad LCD doesn't indicate any systematic problem with using R&D mode
> or anything else.
The point is that the device worked perfectly before disabling
r&d-mode and rebooting twice.
And I didn't shake, throw, water, freeze, burn or hurt it in any other
way. So why should there be a hardware-issue all out of nothing? And
why didn't the display break while in operation? It needed a reboot! I
heard that the boot-manager does some display-stuff, so maybe a cold
flash via serial dongle might help.
I'll report on this as soon as I return from the next service-point on monday.

Kind regards,
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