[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Formating RSMMC in JFFS2

From: Michael P. Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Sun Jan 15 18:40:46 EET 2006
> What are you trying to achieve? jffs works directly with flash memory by
> programming/erasing the flash, you can't do this with mmc card. MMC card
> is an ordinary block device and it should do wear leveling itself in
> some lower layer.

I've often wondered about the specifics of how this happens, but in
cursory internet searches have found only basic explanations of various
types of flash.  Are flash devices with multiple partitions wear leveled
properly (across the whole device) or does leveling occur only within a
partition.  This is of particular interest with all the experimentation
going on with swap partitions as a better alternative to swap files.


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