[maemo-users] [maemo-users] First impressions, first questions, first problems

From: Stefan Boresch stefan at mdy.univie.ac.at
Date: Wed Jan 18 13:18:19 EET 2006
Got my 770 2 days ago and like it very much. 

Below a disperse list of questions / problems.

(1) http://derstandard.at The website of this Austrian newspaper which
I like to read crashes the browser more or less reproducably. I'd
appreciate it if others could confirm this.  Can one report this as a
bug? Where?

Notes: The page loads fine almost to the very end. If you interrupt
downloading once the navigation bar at the top of the page is
displayed, the site may even become stable for a few clicks
(articles), but eventually the browser always crashes. I suspected
some flash advertisements, so I have plugins disabled, no difference.
BTW, I couldn't help fooling around with sudo gainroot and setting up
a 16MB swapfile, which seems to work fine (and occasionally gets
used). So I don't think memory is an issue. Page also crashes without
swap. Also, this 770 came already with the latest Nokia firmware

(2) Can one get the filemanager application to view files that
do not live under the ~/MyDocs hierarchy. I wouldn't mind the graphical
interface for files that I wrote/produced whatever in xterms etc.

(3) I have installed the GPE-PIM suite of tools, very nice! However,
is there some documentation (help) available (or am I just too stupid
to find it?) Specifically, I'd like to know how I can backup my data.
Since I experiment with the 770, I may have to reflash it at some point
and would prefer not to loose all my contacts. Are there some files
(directory) which one can rsync to some external machine for this purpose?

Hints appreciated,

Stefan Boresch

Stefan Boresch
Institute for Biomolecular Structural Chemistry
University of Vienna, Waehringerstr. 17       A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone: -43-1-427752715                        Fax:   -43-1-427752790

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