[maemo-users] [maemo-users] How to produce control-Keys (CTRL-C, CTRL-K) in osso-xterm?

From: Tom Tobin korpios at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 18 15:47:42 EET 2006
On 1/18/06, Stefan Boresch <stefan at mdy.univie.ac.at> wrote:
> I am also curious about this question, but *not restricted* to joe.
> I am aware of the Send Ctrl-<some-key> in the X Terminal application menu
> and the additions to .joerc

I'd also love to know how to easily use Control and Alt/Meta
keypresses; it's currently driving me somewhat batty that the virtual
keyboard doesn't have these.  :-)  I'm working on decyphering the .vkb
file format so I can create a layout more optimized to typical
ASCII/shell operations, but I don't believe that this alone would help
me solve the Ctrl/Alt issue.

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