[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bad unjustified reputation ?

From: Messing, Elad elad.messing at eml-d.villa-bosch.de
Date: Fri Jan 20 10:36:43 EET 2006
Hi All,
	I just stumbled across this article (Google alerts, god bless

	I read it through, and I have to say I may have 10% of the
problems mentioned here. Not more !
	If I would read this article before buying the device, I would
probably not buy it... and I think other people would think the same -
all for false facts !

	There isn't any "talk back" option on this site, and I guess
writing to Mr. McAllister wouldn't change this "according to my
experiment" article - but in any case that's a pity...

Elad Messing

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