[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bad unjustified reputation ?

From: Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 21 15:47:30 EET 2006
To be honest I don't know how I should think about this review at all.
Calling myself a happy linux desktop/server user using it exclusivly
for almost anything I do since back in 2000 I really love the 770 -
its design allows application development with almost no changes to
software and thanks to Nokia's support you get the complete
development enviroment for free.
Furthermore all features are available to Linux users too, even
flashing the device from Linux is possible.

On the other side there are some things bothering me like:

* The slow UI (you can't even scroll a table or list without getting
artifacts, windows need >200ms to repaint when switching between
applications or making a dialog transparent)

* The Browser: For sure this browser is best-in-class, but I also ran
into the "out of memory" problems, I saw some crashes.

* The cheap connectors: I like my 770 so much - I use it almost daily
for all&everything. My headphone connector shows the first problems,
it looks like a cheap connector simply soldered onto the board without
any fixation. And whats about the power plug ... is that a joke ;)
(btw. I would like to repair this myself since nokia gave me my device
more or less for free, so I do not want to send it back at their
costs. Does anybody know where to get instructions howto open the

lg Clemens

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