[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Evince 0.5.0 Released

From: Roberto Resoli roberto.resoli at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 22 12:47:39 EET 2006
> > I noticed that there are some problems with zooming; it seems like the
> > pdf is a raster image loosing sharpness when zooming in. Someone else
> > noticed this?
> Please correct me if i am wrong, but I think this is a known problem.
> What happens is Evince takes a while to re-render the pdf when it is
> zoomed in/out. You can see this behaviour in the desktop version too,
> but you notice it in the device due the restricted processor and
> memory.

you are right. I simply didn't wait enough. Do you think it's
possibile to speed rendering using 770 DSP?

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