[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bad unjustified reputation ?

From: Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jan 23 19:48:17 EET 2006
Hi there,

> I have been measuring repaint times and for example repaints occuring
> from switching controlpanel to filemanager take 187ms, for dialogs time
> is much less. Timing varies depending on activity of the cpu and
> memorybus so it's better to have few samples taken with different
> applications running.

To be honest I did not measure the repaint times, but one example
which I found to be terrible slow is the applications-menu.
If you open it you see how it takes time to come up and to paint
itself (maybe this happens in less than 150ms but its noticeable), and
closing it above the audio-player with a full playlist takes more than
500ms (it feels like >800ms) to repaint the underlaying audio-player
window. But I saw this behaviour also with other application.
Scrolling tables or lists is slow and you see rendering artifacts,
when making dialogs transparent you can watch main-windows repainting

Please don't think I am nitpicking I just love fast UIs and a fast and
responsive UI is a must-have for apps I create (thats why I don't use
GTK ;) ), and I also played with Palms and Pocket-PCs (even a "slow"
one with 200mhz arm) and both show much better performance-feeling.
I know the architecture of Maemo has more overhead since its that open
and I really think its worth the trouble, on the other side it would
be great if some more investigation could take place in this area.

Thanks for listening, lg Clemens

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