[maemo-users] AW: [maemo-users] Bad unjustified reputation ?

From: Messing, Elad elad.messing at eml-d.villa-bosch.de
Date: Tue Jan 24 10:43:23 EET 2006
Hello John and all

	    Let me reference specific topics from the article to justify
my thoughts:
	    1.  "Opening a single browser window taxes the device's
limited resources; open the bookmarks window too and you're likely to
get an "out of memory" error. Complex pages can crash it altogether.  "
	    I use the internet browser a lot. most of the times I keep
the bookmark screen open, and the news feed reader. I have never
encountered an "out of memory" message in this configuration.
	    The browser also never crashed on me - not even once.
	    2. "The 770's Wi-Fi networking, its lifeline to the
Internet, is finicky"
	    I have used 6 different wifi network in the last 4 weeks.
didn't have even 1 problem connecting to a network.
	    3. "Only specially formatted videos will play back at a
normal frame rate"
	    The device comes with a specific codec installed. So does
windows..... soon new codec's/player will appear - this is how it works.
	    Please note that I use the latest image offered on the nokia
site. nothing special here.
	    So after using the device for some time now, and then
reading the article , I got 2 totally different ideas of the same
	    This is why I wrote "unjustified".
	    I do agree that there are glitches. The PDF reader, and the
Email client (which - as the author said - are being worked on) are bad.
But this is why you get software updates for free... and you can be sure
that updated and new software will pop out a lot quicker than in the
commercialized mobile O.S.'s around. This is how the open source
community works.
	    So to sum it all up - nokia came out with a totally working
idea of a small web tool :
	    It is small and lightweight, but with a screen big and clear
enough to browse the web. It has a browser that will present ~90% of the
web out there with good options to zoom when needed, it support internet
radio, feeds, and will soon allow VoIP (as I heard).
	    This is where the Palm/Smartphone/Ipaq market is currently
lacking (and anyone who tried really browse the web from either of these
devices could testify).
	    If you have a mobile phone with a GPRS contract - you can be
connected to the web almost anywhere, and you have tool to get you the
information you need. 
	    And all of this is completely out of the box. 
	    So - calling it an ugly duckling ?? common...


		Von: John B. Holmblad [mailto:jholmblad at aol.com] 
		Gesendet: Freitag, 20. Januar 2006 17:34
		An: Messing, Elad
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		Betreff: Re: [maemo-users] Bad unjustified reputation ?
		thanks for pointing out the article. 
		Having read the article, I have to say that, aside the
poor choice of article headline on the part of the author, I do not
agree with your overall assessment of the article. I thought the
author's overall assessment was actually reasonable.


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