[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Adding swap make system *LESS* stable

From: Michael Steinmetz st1 at finux.net
Date: Thu Jan 26 19:38:35 EET 2006
Also sprach Frantisek Dufka (dufkaf at seznam.cz):

> For best usage the swap should contain what is really not needed 
> (like dead code and other inefficiency in libraries and other useless 
> junk). 16MB could be enough for swapping out this. I also think that 
> the improvement seen is caused by different behaviour of VM when it 
> knows it has some spare swap just in case without actually using it.

As I understood, the limit for swap is below 32MB. I've tried to
circumvent this by using 4 swap files of 31MB each, but the device
crashed at boot after that, and had to be reflashed. 

Btw.: I use a plain file for swapspace, so there is no need to partition
the RS-card. Simply dd some /dev/zero into a file and enable that by

"Goettliche Fuegung ==> Elfenstreich" (Christian Raetsch)

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