[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Nokia 770: first comments

From: Laurent MARTIN laurent at gide.net
Date: Mon Jan 30 15:30:36 EET 2006
> Which software version you're using - I would suggest update to  
> solve this and
> other problems, http://rss.macgeneration.com worked well for me -  
> but you
> have to add http:// before the address, maybe that was the problem :)
Thank you for your help on this. I'm using version 3.2005.51-13: this  
is the very last one, isn't it? Is there a specific version number  
for the news reader and/or a way to update it only (ie. not the whole  
Thank you.
Laurent, Nantes - France
Apple PowerBook 12"
Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)
Nokia 770

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