[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 770 dying on me

From: Jelte Liebrand jelte at liebrand.co.uk
Date: Mon Jan 30 21:38:47 EET 2006
Hi there,

I've had my 770 for a week now and I must say I REALLY like it. However,
I seem to have one BIG problem that I dont think anyone else has. Or at
least I can't find any info on it, so I thought I'd mail the mailing list.

Basically, i have about 7 hours of standby time :-(

I've only installed GPE calendar and contacts and haven't even used
email or rss reader or anything. I just leave it there for a few hours
and after a while, sure enough it doesn't wake up anymore. It then
requires a reboot. After the reboot it works, but then leaving it for 15
min and it's dead again.

After rebooting the battery indicator *does* claims it's full. I also
never heard any beep to indicate low battery (does it beep?). So I
thought maybe it's just a faulty battery. I went to the Nokia service
point on Oxford street, but they'd never even seen or heard of the 770,
so not much luck. They had a look at the battery but claimed they
couldn't test it either.

So yesterday I simply bought a new battery to rule 'faulty battery' out.
With the new battery: same deal. Had it on today (turned it on this
morning), and didn't even use WIFI, and now it's dead again.

So I'm thinking either I have a faulty device, or something is crashing
it, forcing the need for a reboot. I've been thinking of putting some
scripts in the rc6.d to see if it does a proper shutdown or not, but
then I thought i might as well just bite the bullet and send it back.
Since a replacement will take weeks though, I thought maybe someone on
here would have some bright ideas?


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