[maemo-users] R: [maemo-users] ScummVM and beneath-a-steel-sky

From: Log2Ins log2ins at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 31 17:43:03 EET 2006
>which website?
>I downloaded scummvm from http://770.fs-security.com/scummvm/ and 
>"beneath a steel sky" from 
>i installed both without problems. After that you have an icon for 
>"Beneath a steel sky".
>(but the right button still not work)

Well I've downloaded both from there, too...but after installing "Beneath a
steel sky" no icons appear into the Extra menu. So I have found the game
under the directory
"/var/lib/install/usr/share/scummvm/beneath-a-steel-sky/" and tried to open
it from scummVM, but it doesn't work.

Also tried to uninstall and installi t again...same problems.

I would like to try with different games. Can you tell me where can I find


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