[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Solution found: WLAN with Linksys WRT54GS works only with security modes disabled

From: Sven Dittmar maemo at schnatterfleck.de
Date: Tue Jan 31 21:43:14 EET 2006
Hi all,

I solved my problem!

Somehow the n770 saved my unsecured connection-settings in a file with 
the ssid-name. So the next time I changed my AC to secure WEP or WPA but 
kept the same ssid-name it failed to connect!

See control panel > connectivity > connections.

After I removed the setting-file and reconnected everything was fine.

I noticed some disconnects from the AC (as others mentioned before).
So I added the preferred connection and  "use without asking" which 
works fine since then.

I would be nice to get more specific information for failed 
wlan-connections, not just the simple one-line-error-notice, to get to 
the solution faster.


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