[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Before migrating to IT2006

From: david feldman wb0gaz at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Jul 5 01:21:25 EEST 2006
Before migrating to IT2006, should I obtain replacement binaries for the few 
add-on applications I have installed?

1. VNC viewer 0.3 from Aaron Levinson installed from "vncviewer_0.3_arm.deb"
2. X terminal "BusyBox v1.00" with ash shell installed from 
3. Openssh installed from "openssh_4.2p1-1_arm.deb"

I use these three programs to run VNC so I can access another machine over a 
SSH tunnel, and that's a critical application for my 770, hence I don't want 
to make a OS change and get stranded.

Also, I recall hearing at one point that SKYPE client was to be ported to 
the Nokia 770 for IT2006 --- was this abandoned in favor of GTALK, or is it 
to be available as an add-on application?

Very tks,

wb0gaz at hotmail.com

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