[maemo-users] making rootfs Re: [maemo-users] 770 reboots after startup

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Jul 13 10:51:04 EEST 2006
Stellars Henson wrote:
> i can suggest creating custom rootfs. it's quite simple - 
> # tar -cp bin boot dev etc home lib root sbin usr var > /media/mmc1/backup.tar
> after which you only inpack it at your linux box, add: /media/mmc1, /mnt/initfs, /sys, /tmp, /proc
> and pack and use  tar2jffs2.sh to make jffs2 filesystem. then you only need to flash it:

yes, this is workaround for missing -l tar flag in busybox which tars up 
only one local filesystem in real tar. You can workaround it by mounting 
root filesystem again with same flags to different place (/opt or 
/floppy) and then cd /floppy ; tar   zcvf - . [...] or install rsync on 
device and rsync whole /floppy to desktop over network. This is a bit 
easier than making missing directories again and the result is also more 
like the original.
I use this trick for making both rootfs and initfs customizations and so 
far had no problem.

In 2.6 linux you _can_ mount same filesystem multiple times and it 
should be safe.


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