[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bluetooth GPS connection with closed cover? (Re: Metal case for Nokia 770)

From: Armin Warda armin.warda at googlemail.com
Date: Thu Jul 13 18:53:15 EEST 2006
  Hi David,

probably you refer to Tools -> Control panel -> Connectivity -> Disconnect
when cover on device ?

To me it looks like this option indeed only affects Bluetooth/WLAN
_Internet_ connections, not Bluetooth GPS connections.

I unchecked this option, but still my Bluetooth GPS connection was alway
disconnected when I put the cover on the device, and the device
automatically reconnected when I opened the cover again. But this is not
what we want! We want the Bluetooth GPS connection to remain active all the
time, even when the cover is closed.

Any other idea on how to keep a Bluetooth GPS connection active when the
cover is closed on the device?


On 7/13/06, David Briggs <dbriggs at goprolink.com> wrote:
> There is an option in the control panel (new for OS2006) that allows for
> just that.
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> [mailto:maemo-users-bounces at maemo.org]On Behalf Of Jack Jansen
> This could actually be a plus: if I'm hiking I want Maemo Mapper to
> continue tracking my route, and with the standard cover that means
> keeping it off, and putting the 770 in it's sleeve hoping that will
> protect it enough. With this case it seems it could be on, but still
> with the screen protected.
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