[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bluetooth GPS connection with closed cover? (Re: Metal case for Nokia 770)

From: Armin Warda armin.warda at googlemail.com
Date: Fri Jul 14 21:17:46 EEST 2006

http://armin-warda.de/maemo-mapper-1.0.1-aw-0.4_armel.deb contains an option
to disable the default behaviour 'Maemo-Mapper disconnects from GPS when the
device cover is closed'. Thus it allows you to operate Maemo-Mapper with a
closed device cover, which protects the touchscreen. (Like
maemo-mapper-1.0.1-aw-0.3_armel.deb, it also supports two sets of URI/Map
parameters, and easy toggling these.)

I think operation with closed cover is an important feature for outdoor
activities with Maemo-Mapper & GPS, such as hiking, running, cycling,..
(NOTE: you must also disable the corresponding device's global setting:
'Tools' -> 'Control Panel' -> Connectivity' -> 'Disconnect when cover on

It would be really greate if Maemo-Mapper's author, John Costello alias
'gnuite', could add such a feature into his Maemo-Mapper mainline, which is
already at v1.1.0, while my modification is still based on v1.0.1 (this has
no timestamps in gpx-files).


On 7/14/06, Armin Warda <armin.warda at googlemail.com> wrote:
> It seem like this is the place I have to patch if I want Maemo-Mapper to
> keep recording GPS track info even when I close the cover.
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