[maemo-users] [maemo-users] maemo mapper vs. satellite

From: Brad Midgley bmidgley at xmission.com
Date: Thu Jul 20 03:54:01 EEST 2006

> I had that same problem 2 weeks ago, under 2005 OS, with both sattelite
> and map images. I asked around on the forum but no-one replied that they
> saw it too. Then I upgraded to 2006 OS and the new Maemo Mapper and the
> problem went away.
> Hmm, indeed, the problem is back for me too, with similar symptoms to
> yours (maps work, sattelite images don't).

Google seems to be selectively blocking this stuff or just making it
difficult. I can get zoom levels 0-4 to work from time to time but then
it won't work for a while.

I sometimes get blank or incomplete tiles that maemo-mapper doesn't
realize it needs to retry. I have been hunting them down on the
filesystem. An option in the tap-and-hold menu for knocking the tile out
of the cache would be nice.


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