[maemo-users] Wg: [maemo-users] What has happend with ogg-vorbis in IT200&?

From: Zrz krischan.keitsch at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Date: Sun Jul 23 19:18:58 EEST 2006

there is at least an ogg player:


This is definetly a step in the right direction and I apreachiate the efford! (Thanks to the developer :-)

However the ogg player has some problems: I experienced many skips during playback. This may have to do with a lack of information on the dsp used by the 770?
Nokia should definetly get its homework done and integrate ogg vorbis, ogg theora support!


PS: maybe a developer could explain us what is so dificult about ogg support ;-)

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Betreff: [maemo-users] What has happend with ogg-vorbis in IT200&?

I can't believe it, what has happend to ogg vorbis support in IT2006.
Nokia more or less promised it (said they don't have enough time to do
it in IT2005).
I don't care about hw-accaleration, it maybe would take 2-3hours to
implement it in software with the work which has already been done and
the libraries available - maybe it would be possible to get an NDA and
implement it mayself?

lg Clemens
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