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Date: Thu Jul 27 10:35:44 EEST 2006
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Subject: Re: [maemo-users] transfering media files through BT
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2006/7/27, mrn at post.cz <mrn at post.cz>:
> Hi Everybody, to continue the BT topic... I have seen somewhere a discussion
> about media file transfer between BT enabled phones an d the 770. The
> questions are: 1.is there a graphical tool for IT2006 to manage such a
> transfer from let say a SE w810? 2.if not/yes, what do we need to install?
> 3. how does it work? i mean: where can we find a step.by.step howto on the
> topic? thanks in advance, cheers, m.rn
i am not sure if i got you right, but if you pair your 770 with a
mobile (like when you want to establish an internet-connection through
the phone), the cell-phone will also show up in the osso-file-manager.
you can simply drag'n'drop the files then (be aware! by default d'n'd
moves a file instead of copying it, so it will be lost on the phone!
you can copy using the Edit- or the context-menu).

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