[maemo-users] [maemo-users] What settings for T-mobile in the UK? (with a SEK800i)

From: Jonathan Matthews-Levine matthewslevine at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jul 31 20:31:03 EEST 2006
On 31/07/06, Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com <Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com> wrote:
> >Evening, all.
> >
> >I've just got a new SE K800i on t-mobile's Web'n'walk
> >professional tariff (10GBP, 2gig pcm!!) but can't seem to get
> >the blasted thing to let my 770 online.  I get the same
> >"Connection to phone failed" error each time - the same as if
> >the phone's bluetooth is turned off.  I've verified that they
> >do talk correctly over BT, however, as I can browse the
> >phone's memory from the 770.
> >
> >The default settings that the "mobile operator setup wizard"
> >sets up seem largely correct, but with a wrong-length
> >password.  T-mobile have confirmed that it should be
> >"one2one", as opposed to the default 3 character password the
> >wizard sets up.  I'm not sure why, though - I'm a new t-mobile
> >customer with no historic one2one account.
> >
> >Please could any UK t-mobile OR K800i users let me know their
> >settings and how successful they've been getting a data
> >connection working?
> >I'm really interested in any K800i owners getting in touch,
> >just in case the dialup number is doing something wrong ...
> >
> >Here are my settings at the moment:
> >
> >Access point name: general.t-mobile.uk (pretty sure this
> >*isn't* ".co.uk") Dialup number: *99***1#
> >Username: user (I'm not hiding my personal one here - it
> >really is "user")
> >Password: one2one
> >
> >Many thanks!
> >Jonathan
> Hi there,
> I have cross-checked the latest (last week's) settings and the proper
> data looks like this:
> AP name:general.t-mobile.uk
> Username:user
> Password:wap
> Dial-up number: *99***1#
> This is the same that comes with the cellular wizard in IT-2006. Are you
> sure this does not work for you? It is hard to believe it works for
> mobile phones and does not work for N770.

[I've got it working, now, but hadn't a copy of my old message to reply to :-)]

I couldn't get it working on the first data profile which won't allow
its settings to be changed OR viewed, but advertises itself as
"External ID 1".
Changing the dialup number to *99***3# both created a new, persistent
profile with the APN inherited from the 770 (general.t-mobile.uk)
which works every time and advertises itself as "External ID 3".  I'll
check this evening if changing the default wizard-originated profile
in this one respect /only/ does, indeed, work.  I think it will.

I've verified that having a blank username and password on the 770 and
an *incorrect* password on the phone ("one2on") also permits a
connection. I wonder, therefore, if perhaps the password isn't

I also think this might be K800i-specific.  Could it (alternatively)
have something to do with it implementing bluetooth PAN?

> Anyone else could confirm that (with different phone model) for T-Mobile
> UK?

As before, any reports from K800i users would be very welcome!


Jonathan Matthews-Levine
e: matthewslevine at gmail.com

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