[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Nokia Repair

From: Nickola Trupcheff n.trupcheff at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jun 8 13:16:32 EEST 2006

I need some help, to find a nokia repair shop.
I am from Bulgaria and my device was bought by a friend from Italy. But 
the screen damaged, it now show very strange stripes and nothing is 
So.. Nokia Bulgaria refuses to accept the warranty, and refuses to 
repair it.
I asked Nokia Italy to ship them the device, but they also refused.
A friend is flying to London after a couple of days, and for the past 
few hours, I am trying to find a repair shop in London, somewhere around 
Soho. Can you please advice for such a shop.
I tried to fill the form on the nokia.co.uk site, failed, Object not 
found. Made a dozen of calls to the customer service number given, first 
I hardly understand what was the recorded voice speaking about, second 
the options were about accessories or mobile phones... or asked for club 
nokia membership, or some misterious ftv ( fstv ? ) area code..
Please help :) and excuse my poor EngRish

Nickola Trupcheff

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